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Buying a car

Are you looking to buy a car?

Well, that’s would be easy if youhave the upfront cash. 

But that might be stressful if youare looking to finance a vehicle purchase. This is because of your poor creditscore. 

Auto lenders assess your credit scoreto figure out your loan eligibility.

Unfortunately, buying a vehicle withbad credit is quite challenging despite your income and stable job history. Ahistory of high debt, late payments, bankruptcy or repossession indicates tothe lender that you can risk loan payment, and lenders just want to avoid theprocess of repossessing your car. 

Buying a vehicle with bad credit isstill possible—but on a higher interest rate and a bigger down payment. On top ofthat, you have limited options to choose from than someone with a better creditrecord. 

How Credit Score Affects Car LoanRates

According to the data provided by theExperian, a credit score can determine the APR of a vehicle. The better yourscore, the lower will your APR be. Someone with a prime score in 700 can havefinancing at 6% compared with 17% or more for a buyer with a score in themid-500s. 

Rather than turning down the offer ofthe borrowers with low credit scores, lenders will increase the annualpercentage rate to make up for the added risk. Although you might not need toincrease your credit score to opt for a loan, it can be useful to lower youraverage auto loan rate.

Because borrowers with poor creditscores are an indication of negative borrowing practices, a lender will manageaverage loan rates to cover their risk. 

The loan rate varies greatly betweena good credit score and a bad credit score. 

What is an Ideal or Minimum CreditScore to Buy a Car?

The ideal score required to buy a caris 660 and above. 

This will generally guaranteeinterest rates under 6%.

Auto lenders accept the customerswith good credits as well as those with bad credits, however, the interest ratevary from the score to score. 

How is Your Credit Score Calculated?

Your payment history is the mostsignificant factor in your credit score. 

It accounts for 35% of your score,followed by your credit utilization. 

These two indicators help lendersdetermine your ability to pay back the loan on time. 

Other factors that play an importantrole in your credit score are the duration of your history, a variety ofaccounts being owned by you as well as the number of recent inquiries made byyou.

A lengthy credit background tellsabout your ability to manage financial responsibilities for long periods, whilemultiple inquiries at once might hurt your score. 

How to Improve Your Credit Score toBuy a Car

You must have understood how creditscore determines your car’s loan interest. 

Therefore, you might want to improveyour credit score before financing a car. Identify the things that might dentyour credit score then clearing off past-due accounts, disputing credit errors,and adding positive information to your report. 

Here’s how. 

Clear up Late and Missed Amounts:

Late and missed payments can bringyour credit score lower. Therefore, it is important to clear them as soon aspossible. 

Check Your Credit Report for Errors:

There might be errors in your creditreports which might be influencing your credit. Therefore, make sure to checkthem. You can order copies from credit reporting agencies like EquifaxExperian, and TransUnion. (Click thelinks to get a copy).

Check your reports for errors inpersonal information, foreclosures and bankruptcies, derogatory marks,incorrect inquiries, and fraudulent activities. Contact your concerned creditbureau if there are any errors in the report. 

Avoid Taking Too Much Debt at OneTime:

Apply for minimal loans in a fixedperiod. 

Pay off one loan before opting foranother. This way, your credit score will stay protected. If you take multipleloans in a certain period, you get into a vicious cycle leaving youcash-strapped. Consequently, it will hurt your credit score. 

Only Apply for the Credit You Require:

Avoid applying for credit fromvarious sources at once as it might indicate that you are dealing withfinancial problems. When you are looking for an auto loan, however, you canmake multiple applications in a certain period—generally 14-45 days. In thisscenario, credit scoring companies will assume that you must be shopping forthe best deal and your applications will be considered as a singleinquiry. 

Don’t Close Your Unused Credit Cards:

Even if you have credit cards thatare not being used for a long time, leaving them open can be beneficial.Firstly, they improve your credit utilization ratio. Besides, if you own theaccounts for a while, they will positively affect the age of your credithistory. 

Bottom Line:

Your credit history is an importantfactor for getting approved for a car loan. Although you might not be deniedbased on your poor credit history, you will have to pay a bigger interest thansomeone with a good credit history. Don’t lose your heart if you have a poorcredit history. You can fix it by paying your debt/bills on time, gettingerrors fixed on your credit reports, and be careful with your spree ofcredit. 

What do you think? Let us know bycommenting below! 

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